Driven by dreams

 With over four decades of experience, at DD Classics it has been our pleasure to sell some of the most iconic and beautiful cars in the world. We are not just suppliers of these wonderful cars, we are also enthusiastsdriven by dreams. Our team’s unrivalled knowledge on a vast array of classic marques bears testimony to their love of the automotive art forms that we offer for sale. This blog will keep you updated all the latest news and information from the supercar, classic and collectable car world.


Back to former glory

 As well as our collection of fully serviced classics, we also have a variety of interesting cars undergoing restoration and are very proud to work with some of the best classic car restorers in the UK. As such we are able to tell you some incredible stories from the classic car industry that will certainly scratch that automotive itch.



 DD Classics’ London showroom not only houses an eclectic range of collector cars, but also more than 40 years of market experience in the form of owner Daniel Donovan and his team. Danny’s wide knowledge of the industry is incredible, and we to want share this passion with you.


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