Classic Car Investments Face Significant Growth as Financial Markets Wobble

Aston Martin DB 5


The term ‘passion investing’ has been around for some now, it is the allocation of wealth towards high value propositions, be that art, wine, watches or classic cars.

Investment in the classic car market has seen significant growth in recent years, thanks to a nearly five hundred per cent return on investment over a 10 year period, as reported by the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index.

With the substantial amount of political risk facing financial investors both in the United Kingdom and the European Union over the looming referendum, they will naturally be concerned about the impact on financial markets.

With the referendum scheduled on June 23rd, the intervening months will be filled with a myriad of claims and counter claims that are guaranteed to raise the level of uncertainty on the trading room floor. On Boris Johnson’s announcement he would back the ‘Brexit’ campaign, the Pound hit a record 7-year low against the Dollar. The U.K currency saw its biggest one-day fall since David Cameron came to power in 2010.

With these unparalleled levels of uncertainty facing the European Continent, it is believed that we will see more investors focusing their sights on luxury items to retain a significant return on investment.

Enrique Liberman is a transactional attorney who specializes in luxury asset investment funds. “Ten years ago, classic cars were looked at as collectibles, but now people are recognizing them as an asset class,” he said.

Based near Kew Gardens in London, DD Classics have positioned themselves nicely in the luxury and classic car market to capitalise on this recent trend in the investment world.

Owned by businessman Daniel Donovan, the company accommodates a plethora of investment quality vehicles in their London showroom that have considerable profit potential, minus the political risk facing the financial industry.

DD Classics’ collection of over fifty cars includes a unique hand built Bentley Dartmoor by Petersen, an exceptionally rare Ferrari 275 GTS convertible and one of only thirteen Isdera Imperator’s ever built.

With Auction Houses seeing sales records topple and vehicles going under the hammer for astronomical prices, now is the time to start thinking about a classic car investment, a Ferrari 335 S recently sold for €28m at Paris Retromobile!

For more information and to see our exclusive range of cars visit the DD Classics website at:

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