Wrecked Ferrari Enzo Sells for €1.568 Million at Auction!

Do you remember hearing about the Ferrari Enzo that crashed in Malibu back in 2006? The little shunt that split the car in half…. News helicopters hovered overhead, shooting video of the mangled red Italian supercar, its front end and passenger compartment resting on the side of the road. Police grabbed the large body panels and Enzo chunks that littered the pavement, and loaded the seemingly hopeless wreck onto a flatbed truck.

Take a look at the aftermath of the devastating crash.

Well incredibly, that same car was recently sold by auction house, RM Sotheby’s in Paris. Ferrari only built 400 Enzo’s, and as there price tags continue to rise, they were not about to let another one go. So in the intervening years since the drivers stupidity, the utterly demolished Enzo — chassis number 135564 — was immaculately restored, adding options and features like navigation and a rear-view camera that weren’t on the original model. The color scheme, originally red over black, has basically been inverted and the Ferrari Enzo was even Classiche certified. We’re glad that Ferrari was able to save this Enzo. It’s a rolling piece of history that we (literally) cannot afford to lose, but would you pay €1.568 million for a car that once looked like this?

Despite Ferrari’s amazing achievement of restoring the vehicle, it’s astonishing how much it finally went under the hammer for, considering its accident history was so widely publicised!


Ferrari Enzo’s for sale in London

DD Classics currently have two, immaculate, Classiche certified Ferrari Enzo’s for sale that have not been split in two! Click the links underneath for more information.

Ferrari Enzo (2002)

Ferrari Enzo For Sale

Ferrari Enzo (2004)

Ferrari Enzo at DD Classics

To commemorate Ferrari’s first Formula 1 World Championship of the new millennium, the company manufactured a 12 cylinder mid-engine supercar bearing the founder, Enzo Ferrari’s prestigious name and was built using the latest Formula 1 technology.


Both Ferrari’s are available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call to book an appointment.

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James Woods – DD Classics



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