Named After Enzo Ferrari’s Son, the Dino Has an Incredible History

DD Classics Ferrari Dino for sale in London

The Dino 246 GT, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in spring, 1969, arrived at a key time for Ferrari. It would not be ready for some months  (after delays, they had been building the 206GT for less than a year). Named after Enzo Ferrari’s deceased son Dino and earlier racing cars carrying the same name, the Ferrari Dino was extremely anticipated by the automotive world.

Ferrari always knew what they had to do. The Dino needed more power to match the performance of Porsche and increasing competition from other “mini-supercars”. The Maranello factory and the associated Scaglietti body works had to be geared up for a larger scale of production, not to the standards of mass production but targeted doubling their annual record of 740 cars in 1965.

The first objective was tackled by adopting a 2.4 litre version of the V6 engine using a cast iron block, a departure from Ferrari’s usual practice of an alloy block with shrunken in steel cylinder liners.

Though, at first glance, virtually identical to the first production Dino, the 246GT had a 2.3in longer wheelbase and was 3.7in longer overall. The new 2,419cc engine  was supported by four main bearings and the light-alloy cylinder heads had double overhead camshafts driven by chains. In this application, with Weber 40DCF carburettors, it produced 195bhp, which was as additional 15bhp.

The bigger engine sliced off 1.2 seconds off its 0-60mph best and would top 148mph in ideal conditions.

There was no getting away from making a RHD version of the car if the UK market potential was to be tapped effectively, but this required a total redesign of the chassis frame for the 246GT as the 206 was slightly offset to the right.

When the Dino 246GT first entered the UK market, it was priced competitively, the original price in 1970 was £5,485! The car was well accepted on the British market, where 488 of the GT’s 2,487 total production were sold.

DD Classics currently have two Ferrari Dino’s for sale at their London Classic Car Dealership, the LHD and RHD version.

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1972 Ferrari Dino 246GT For Sale in London

DD Classics Ferrari Dino for sale in London

  • Offered with the most comprehensive history file we have ever seen on a Dino at DD Classics
  • Original Handbook
  • Original Parts Manual
  • Original Sales Brochure
  • Chassis Number: 246GT4892

Our Ferrari, which is an E-series 246 GT Dino, was originally delivered to the United States. It has been a recent recipient of a full restoration, the car is finished beautifully in quintessential Ferrari red over a beige interior with Daytona-style seats and black contrasting inserts, the classic combination is visually striking and aesthetically pleasing to any classic car enthusiast. The odometer currently shows 76,950 miles.

Offered with an original set of manuals, including the original handbook, parts manual and sales brochure add tremendous historical value to the classic car. Accompanying the Dino is the most comprehensive file we have ever seen on a 246GT at DD Classics, the original documents will nostalgically transport you back to 1972, where you can methodically map out the wonderful life the Dino has had. The extensive file chronicles a large portion of its life, containing service and restoration receipts, along with numerous photographs. Also supplied with the car is the original Ferrari jack, and tool kit.

Briefly, the technical specification is as follows; 195 hp, 2,418 cc DOHC V-6 engine with three Weber 40 DCN F/7 carburetors, five-speed manual transaxle, front and rear unequal-length A-arm suspension with coil springs and anti-roll bars, and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 92.1 in.

Many consider the Dino to be one of Ferrari’s greatest cars, not only for its looks but also for the wonderful driving experience it provides. The Dino helped Ferrari realize that rear-mid-engined cars were here to stay, and it spawned a wonderful series of cars that continues through today as Ferrari’s most popular line of sports cars.

Beautifully restored, this Dino GT truly needs nothing and is ready to be enjoyed.

This classic Ferrari is available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call to book an appointment. DD Classics are happy to offer finance, subject to approval.

Ferrari for sale in London

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