The History of Bentley’s MK VI Graber

Bentley Mark 6 Graber front view

Unlike many other manufacturers, Bentley’s parent company Rolls-Royce survived the catastrophe of World War II in relatively good financial health. In 1946, the all-new Mark VI debuted as the first new post-war Bentley model of Rolls-Royce design. It was Britain’s first post-war luxury car that was built to the highest of standards using traditional British techniques. Remarkably, the first Mark VI was delivered just 16 months after V-E Day. A powerful new six-cylinder engine powered the Mark VI, displacing 4,257 cc and featuring an aluminum-alloy F-head design and custom coachwork remained available at the customers discretion. Typically, these were built by famous companies such as, H.J. Milliner, Park Ward and Hooper. However, some vehicles such as the one on sale at DD Classics were shipped abroad and fitted by foreign coach builders. All told, 4,949 Mark VIs were built through 1952.

The most successful coachwork designs came from Switzerland’s famed Carrosserie Graber. Hermann Graber acquired the coach building trade from his father, becoming a prominent builder of horse-drawn carriages before applying his skills to the automotive industry. Graber’s first taste of fame came in St. Moritz, where he won the Concours d’Elegance for his on a Panhard-Levassor 20CV. Graber’s initial achievements in automobile coachwork, undoubtedly resulted in additional commissions from the respected brands Alfa Romeo and Bentley. The incredible achievements of Graber are evident in the Mark VI Bentley, the entire rear wing is hand beaten out of one piece of metal!

Image of Graber's Panhard-Levassor 20 CV
Graber’s Panhard-Levassor 20 CV

DD Classics Mark VI Graber

Model: Mark VI by Graber, Switzerland

Date of Chassis Manufacture: 10th August 1951

Chassis Number: B182MD

Place of Manufacture: Rolls-Royce Motors Limited, Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Upon receiving this exceptionally handsome car and extremely rare car, DD Classics have refitted it with bespoke upholstery; a black leather interior, complemented by new mid-grey Wilton carpets, burr walnut dashboard and a black mohair hood. The Bentley has also been fitted with Longstone Whitewall Tyres for added style and was recently exhibited and very much admired at the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club annual event at Burghley house. This is vehicle is one of three to ever have been manufactured.

A file of documentation accompanies the car, including UK registration papers.


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